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For students who struggle in school, finding a tutor can be a life-changer. One-to-one instruction is tailored to a student’s pace and learning style, which can help them reach new skill and confidence levels. And with a wide variety of online tutoring platforms now available, it’s easier than ever to find the right fit for your child.

Whether your student needs help in math, science, language arts, or even social-emotional skills, these tutoring sites can connect you to a qualified instructor who can make a difference. Many of these services use connected workspaces featuring digital whiteboards, document cameras, and collaborative text editing to bring the tutor and student together in a virtual classroom. Tutors are also trained in federal and state curriculum, so you can be sure they’re qualified to teach their subjects.

Parents have a lot on their plates, so getting additional tutoring can ease stress in the home and foster healthy family relationships. Plus, students often prefer to hear questions and feedback from someone other than their parents.

When choosing a tutoring site, look for ones that offer a satisfaction guarantee so you can switch if it’s not a good fit. You should also look for pay-as-you-go plans that let you get started without having to commit to a package of sessions upfront. Our favorite option is TutorMe, which promises to connect you to an expert within 30 seconds of your query. They also have a great resource section and an award-winning writing lab, where students can submit assignments and receive detailed feedback from their instructors. personalised online tutoring

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