10 Best Practices to Build your eCommerce Customer Service

The eCommerce industry is highly dependent on its customers. Whosoever succeeds in providing the best customer experience wins the race. In fact,Guest Posting the Walker Study shows that the customer experience is going to surpass the importance of quality and product pricing for customers in choosing a brand.

Thus, keeping your customers happy and providing them the best online customer service can be your best bet to beat the eCommerce competition.

So are you ready to find out what are the best practices that will help you build a strong online customer service system to win the hearts of your customers? Let’s find out.

10 Powerful Online Customer Service Strategies To Be The Best In The Market 1. Track your customers’ journey

The first step towards building your eCommerce customer service would be to understand how your customers act online.

Tracking and understanding your customer’s complete shopping journey would help you identify the touchpoints you’ll want to work on.

However, each customer’s journey is different. You may create your own buyers’ personas to understand your audience in a better way.

For example, if you consider your audience to be mostly teenagers and young adults, their journey might be starting from the social media ads that you might be running.

You may also make use of tools like Google Analytics to track how much time your customers spend on your website, where they click, and which page of your website is widely used by them.

You may set up your online customer service system on social channels, emails, your website, depending on how your customers are engaging with you.

If you see most of your customers bouncing away at the checkout page, you might want to optimize it or talk to your customers about what issue they’re facing when landing on the checkout page.

2. Create an omnichannel strategy

There’s nothing like a seamless customer experience and omnichannel strategy just allows you to do that.

“Now, what is an omnichannel strategy in eCommerce?” I hear you shout. Let me explain.

Omnichannel strategy is the integration of all the platforms where the customers land during their online shopping journey. This includes emails, social media platforms, webpages, and all the different devices that shoppers use to reach you.

While providing an omnichannel experience to your customers, they shouldn’t experience any hassle in between. What they look for on their tablet should easily appear in the social media ads while using their mobile phones. If they reach your site by phone, it shouldn’t be hard to check out from their desktop. (Obviously, all this must be made possible, given that the customer is using the same email address on all his/her devices)

This strategy works amazingly in aiding the customer in a hassle-free online shopping experience and working as a seamless customer support system.

3. Make use of chatbots

Chatbots are smart, trendy, and useful in eCommerce. They take a lot of loads off from your online customer service team.  BMW Financial Customer Service

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