A Career in Cyber Security

Cyber security is a field of work that protects computer systems, networks, and devices from hackers. Cyber security professionals use a combination of tools to ensure that attackers are unable to damage, steal or disrupt the information technology infrastructure that keeps modern-day essentials like power grids running smoothly and social media sites working.

There are many reasons why cyber security is important to individuals, companies and governments alike. For example, data breaches can expose private information about individuals, resulting in fines, lawsuits and diminished trust. Hackers can also access data that is critical to a company’s business model, such as customer credit card information or intellectual property. This information can then be sold on the black market or used to hurt a competitor.

A career in cyber security can be highly rewarding. While the responsibilities of a cybersecurity professional can be demanding, there is no shortage of jobs for those with the right skills and passion. From teen hackers turned legit to naval intelligence officers with cyberwarfare backgrounds, there are many ways to pursue a career in this exciting and growing industry.

Cyber security requires a great deal of technical expertise, and a solid understanding of the way that networks and systems function. Because of this, it is difficult to set up a cyber security architecture that is perfectly secure. In addition, constant monitoring of the system for new threats is required. This can cause systems to slow down over time as the security software takes up a lot of resources. Managed Detection and Response

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