Arbitrage Betting – How to Identify and Take Advantage of Odds Disparities

Arbitrage betting is a technique used by progressive gamblers to maximize profits by taking advantage of odds discrepancies between sportsbooks. This can be done on markets such as horse racing or player props where odds are often inflated at one book and underpriced at another. The trick is to identify and take advantage of these opportunities quickly before the line moves away from your favor.

To be successful at arbing you must use multiple online services to find available opportunities and be able to act fast when a potential opportunity presents itself. Most of these service providers offer a Markets Terminal at Labs Insiders where you can easily identify upcoming arbitrage bets. This feature allows you to view the odds for a particular game at various sportsbooks and see how much your bets will return if you back them at the sportsbook and lay them on the exchange.

While it is possible to make a profit on arbitrage bets, you will have to place quite a few bets if you want to achieve a consistent return. This is because the odds for a particular event can change dramatically within a short period of time. This is particularly true for events like boxing, football and tennis where the odds can fluctuate continuously throughout a match.

In addition, the frequency with which you place your bets may also raise suspicions about your arbing activities. For example, if you are consistently placing bets at a particular sportsbook and you request a withdrawal frequently this will send a red flag to the house and may result in your account being banned or limited. This is why it is important to deposit and withdraw funds at different sportsbooks to avoid this risk.

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