Buying Wholesale Tungsten Rings

If you’re in the market to buy wholesale tungsten rings there are several important things to keep in mind. The best place to start is with a retailer that offers clear professional photographs, detailed product descriptions for each ring and 30 day return policies. This is an indication that they have nothing to hide and are confident that their customers will be satisfied with their products.

Tungsten rings can be made in a wide variety of styles, so you should have no trouble finding one that meets your needs. You should also be able to find a range of widths, from 6mm for men’s tungsten wedding bands to 4mm for womens tungsten rings with diamonds. In addition, you can get a modern look with silver tungsten rings that have black inlays or Koa wood inlays. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, you can also find tungsten wedding bands with diamonds that have gold plating to add a bold accent to the black or white diamonds.

When choosing a tungsten ring, you’ll want to make sure that it is actually made of tungsten carbide. It’s important to avoid cheap imitations that are made of cheaper materials, such as nickel or cobalt. These fakes may be less expensive, but they will wear much faster and are likely to lose their shine within a short period of time. In fact, many fake tungsten rings will even begin to smudge or mark easily, which is a sign of poor quality.

You’ll also want to make sure that the tungsten ring you choose is actually thick enough. Tungsten carbide is extremely dense, so it’s difficult to grind thin. If a tungsten ring is too thin, it won’t stand up to everyday use, and you might find that it wears out quickly.

When buying tungsten, it’s also important to pay attention to how the rings are shaped. A high-quality tungsten ring should have smooth, round edges that won’t irritate or cut your finger. On the other hand, if you feel sharp edges on a tungsten ring, this is an indication that it was poorly made or that the manufacturer skipped a step in the production process.

A good way to test a tungsten ring for quality is to see how it resists scratching. You can do this by rubbing the ring against a piece of steel or another hard surface. A quality tungsten ring will not scratch, while a low-quality ring will quickly become dull and discolored.

Tungsten is also very strong and durable, so it won’t bend or crack like softer metals such as silver or gold. However, this can be a downside for some people because it can feel too heavy on the fingers. This is why many people choose a tungsten ring that has an inlay, such as meteorite or caribou antler, because this helps lighten the weight.

Tungsten rings are also very hard to resize, so it’s important that you know your ring size before ordering one online or from a jewelry store. To determine your ring size, you can use an online ring sizer or go to a jeweler that sells tungsten to have them measure your finger.

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