Commercial Fire Water Tanks

Fire water tanks are a vital asset for businesses, providing immediate assistance in case of a fire disaster. Not only do these tanks help safeguard properties and products, but also human lives. Keeping a commercial fire tank on site is essential for the safety of everyone involved, as it provides an alternative water source in case of pipeline damage or a shortage in the local area.

Our fire water tanks are modular bolted, allowing for rapid and simple installation in almost any weather condition. They are fabricated from high quality materials such as stainless steel, galvanised and polyethylene to ensure the best possible performance in any environment.

These tanks are designed in adherence with ASME Section VIII, Division 1 guidelines and feature a corrosion resistant lining. The interior lining is food grade and complies with ANSI/NSF 61:Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects standards, and all surfaces are finished using high tech coatings and a food grade sealer to protect the tank against contamination.

A special fitting can be installed in the tank which will allow for the fire trucks’ suction hoses to connect to it, making refilling the trucker faster and easier. This is important to reduce the time required for firefighters to respond to a fire, and it is especially valuable in rural and suburban areas that may not have an inexhaustible water supply network.

We can also install a take off on the wildfire water tank that allows for rainwater harvesting for irrigation and domestic use, without having to deplete your reserve firefighting water volume. This can be done by installing a second take off above the reserve water line, and Aquamate can also provide a gutter system to collect the rainwater that would otherwise go to waste directly from the fire tank. commercial fire water tanks

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