Curly Hair Salon Melbourne Experts

A good haircut can make all the difference in defining and loosening your curls, but an exceptional one requires a salon with curly hair specialist expertise. While many curly hairdressers only recently started supporting curls – mainly because they’ve been trending on Instagram – the handful of curly hair salons with true, individualised specialist skills deliver superior, lower-fuss results.

Whether you’re searching for a Deva cut, which cuts each curl individually and framing your face, or a more free-hand, curl by curl cutting style – these curly hair salon Melbourne experts will get you to your dream curls. They also offer a range of deep conditioning treatments and educate you on what products to use (and those to avoid) at home for optimal hydration.

Swathed in Aveda aromas, Rhodes Hair & Spa is the ultimate luxury curly hair salon Melbourne. With a specialised menu and a stylist with a deep knowledge of the Curly Girl Method, you’ll walk out feeling relaxed, happy and confident.

A Deva haircut will have you walking out of the salon with bouncy, defined and textured curls. Their stylists study each curl’s pattern and density to strategize layers. Depending on your curl pattern and your desired length, you’ll leave with a Deva cut that’s both effortless and long-lasting.

When you visit Maiden Hair, you’ll be greeted with a smile and one of the most experienced curly hair specialists in Australia. They love educating their clients about their curls and encourage them to co-wash and style their hair at home in order to maintain a healthy, hydrated, longer-lasting result.

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