Cyprus IVF Clinics

Cyprus IVF clinics offer the latest in fertility treatment with excellent medical staff and comfortable facilities. Their doctors are experienced and have international accreditation. They also speak English and Greek, which can help patients feel more comfortable during their treatments. In addition, they can offer a lower cost than what is available in many other countries.

IVF with gender selection is a viable option for couples who have a specific gender preference for their child and are struggling to conceive naturally. The advanced fertility clinics in Cyprus can provide this service at a fraction of the price in other countries.

The process begins with a full set of tests to determine the root cause of your infertility. Then, your doctor will create a personalized fertility treatment plan. This may include IVF with sex selection, intrauterine insemination, and other procedures. In the first phase, you will be administered daily injections to stimulate the ovaries and produce eggs. Your doctor will also monitor your ovaries regularly with ultrasounds. When the eggs are mature, your doctor will use hCG to trigger the ovaries to release the eggs.

Then, the egg and sperm will be fertilized in a state-of-the-art laboratory. After fertilization, the embryos will be frozen for future use. In some cases, it may be necessary to thaw one or more of the embryos before transfer. The procedure involves placing a single or multiple embryos into your uterus to give you the best chance of pregnancy. cyprus ivf

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