Disaster Recovery Connecticut

The State of Connecticut has a number of resources to assist communities in disaster recovery connecticut. These resources include local and regional recovery centers, information about applying for FEMA disaster assistance, and links to jobs and more.

Business Continuity is the ability of a business to continue operating in the face of significant disruptive events. Disaster Recovery is a subset of business continuity, and is used to describe the processes that a company may employ in order to maintain critical operations if a primary site is damaged.

The Disaster Recovery Framework (DRF) focuses on long term recovery activities and supports the state’s response to disasters that are of sufficient severity and magnitude to require mutual aid or a state level response. The DRF is an extension of the State Emergency Operation Concepts (SEC) and consists of six emergency support functions, with the longest term of recovery being supported by ESF 14.

The ESF 14 – Long Term Recovery and Mitigation, includes community planning and housing, restoring vital services such as health and social service networks, and developing sustainable economic opportunities that foster resiliency. It also includes efforts to protect the natural and cultural resources of a community and to restore them as needed, consistent with post-disaster community priorities and effective practices. In addition, it addresses hazard mitigation as an ongoing effort, with the ultimate goal of building community resiliency to disasters through effective hazard mitigation. This is a critical part of the overall state response to disasters.

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