Drai’s Nigthclub – Not Many Clubs Can Offer This Much Fun

If you are not really addicted to going to clubs or just like to appear on special music events, it’s OK if you don’t know the nightlife impresario Victor Drai. He is the man who is behind the Drai’s Nightclub – the club on the famous Las Vegas strip that makes you understand the striking difference between truly great experience and so called great experience.

The club is placed on the rooftop of the prestigious boutique hotel Cromwell, at 3595 S Las Vegas Boulevard. It continues to uphold the tradition of the Cromwell’s well versed attention to detail and the hotel’s addiction to specification. In fact, Drai’s nightclub does it ever so well, making it the crown jewel of the hotel itself.

Taking a ride to the rooftop through the Cromwell’s elevator, you can step into the magnificent and massive 65,000 square foot area of Drai’s Nightclub – a rooftop oasis paralleled to none not only in Vegas but also in the world. Designed by lifetime professionals of different highly acclaimed venues, the Drai’s nightclub is an elegant grace for the party goers. The place is made into an artistic exhibition with its clever use of minimalistic crafts while also keeping it as badass as the partygoers love.

The indoor dance floor is probably the best in Vegas, with its careful attention to detail and modern lighting and sound technology. The seats are comfortable and the walkways are spacious. The bar is also placed keeping accessibility in mind. Anyway, the dance floor consists of 14 premier tables, 9 upper tables and 12 mezzanine level booths. Feeling like a VIP? Drai’s Nightclub is no amateur in VIP treatment and is equipped with 2 VIP balconies and 21 elevated VIP booths. The club has a great DJ booth positioned at the forefront of the floor and has a huge disco ball positioned at the top in the usual Las Vegas manner. However, the magic lies at the back of the booth, featuring 8 elevated tables with 2 VIP restrooms. And that’s not the all of it.

In a warm night in Vegas, which is a frequent occurrence her, the outdoor pool area gets open and turns into an extension to the dance floor. The outdoor area provides a scintillating view of the Strip, the Caeser’s Palace and the Bellagio right across the street. Didn’t we mention the view of the stars? On a lucky night with full moon, you can even drink adorned by the shades of moonlight.

Overall, the gigantic club has 7,000 square feet LEDs of best quality spread brilliantly across the spaces. The club can accommodate up to 2,500 guests at a time and has 75 indoor & outdoor seating options of many different types.

The Drai’s Nightclub has all the usual services – from private jet charter to bottle service package along with the outrageously costly champagne. However, it’s no less fun to general party goers as it also has the regular party favors and uncountable options of drinks.

It’s the cradle of the Vegas nightlife, so you can imagine how good their music is. The DJ booth along with its modern sound instruments has embraced many of the coolest DJs and musicians with graceful open arms. On top the quality EDM music played throughout the season, the club also arranges special events featuring many of the world’s most famous artists such as Iggy Azalea. 베트남 붐붐

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