eWarrants and WhereverWARRANT Are Connected

eWarrants are an online, free system that will speed up the warrant entry process and ensure suspected criminals don’t slip through the cracks. The system is a joint initiative between the state and counties and will be used by law enforcement agencies and courts to submit arrest and protection orders to LEADS and NCIC.

The eWarrants system is built to meet the needs of a wide range of public safety agencies and can easily be integrated with existing case management systems. It can be accessed from any computer or device with secure Internet access.

It allows judges to gather more information than a paper warrant could, including squad video. Judges may also add the appropriate charging language, such as “the defendant unlawfully, willfully, and feloniously assaulted Jane Doe with a deadly weapon with intent to kill,” for example.

Investors use warrants as a way to leverage positions in underlying securities, hedge against downside risk (by combining a warrant with a long position in the underlying security), or take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. Investors can buy or sell warrants just like they would options, though warrants do not pay dividends and do not come with voting rights.

The eWarrants system is operated by CloudGavel, a FusionStak product that was the first electronic warrant solution on the market in 2007. The company’s leadership team has been involved with the development of the concept since its inception and has dedicated themselves to providing the best possible solution on the market. Using anywhereWARRANT saves police departments countless hours, and even days, of overtime spent processing paperwork and filing warrants. It also helps them decrease crime by putting more officers on the streets instead of behind desks. Ewarrants

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