Grip Socks Manufacturer

Grip socks provide added traction, improving footing and stability. They are used by athletes in a range of sports codes, as well as health workers such as nurses and doctors who may face the risk of falling. They can also be worn by elderly patients who have a fall risk, and can make a huge difference to their quality of life.

Grip Socks Manufacturer
Typically made from cotton and elastic fibre, grip socks are breathable and stretchy. The combination of these materials means that they can be worn for long periods without sweating or rubbing against the skin. This reduces the chance of blistering, especially during hot weather or when wearing new shoes that haven’t been broken in.

The addition of non-slip pads at the base of the sock provides a secure fit inside the shoe, meaning that the feet don’t move around and slip up and down as much as they would without the grip socks. This improves comfort and increases traction and stability, which in turn reduces the risk of injuries and falls.

In addition, many grip socks have cushioning at the heel, football and toe, making them soft on the feet and adding a layer of support that can help with fatigue and injury prevention. Breathable material helps to keep the foot dry and comfortable throughout use, which in turn reduces the risk of odor. They are available in a range of styles, including low-cut, ankle, knee-high and full length, and can be either open or closed-toe. grip socks manufacturer

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