Hard Spare Tire Covers

Hard spare tire covers protect your vehicle’s unused tires from road debris and weather conditions. A good cover will also prevent your spare tire from becoming a magnet for thieves.

Rigid tire covers from Boomerang feature a molded plastic face sewn to a soft automotive vinyl band and are available painted to match, unpainted black texture or with custom designer graphics. They provide superior protection and an upscale look and are easy to install and backed by a standard 3-year warranty.

Protects from Punctures

During highway and off-road drives, your spare tire experiences a lot of abuse. It’s exposed to varying weather and sun, both of which can deteriorate the rubber and cause it to crack. It’s also prone to punctures from rocks, sticks and other road debris. A hard spare tire cover protects your tires from these hazards and keeps them in good shape for when you need them most.

Most hard RV spare tire covers have a tough plastic face sewn to a soft vinyl band that covers the underlying tire and rim. This protective layer helps prevent physical damage like kicked-up road stones and rusting on the lugs and rim. It also protects the spare tire from photodegradation due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Hard spare tire covers are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit your personality, preferences and the look of your vehicle. Some designs even offer anti-theft features to keep your spare safe and secure from theft. Some covers have an American flag or Jeep logo to communicate your passion for your vehicle to other motorists on the road. Regardless of the style you choose, a spare tire cover is a smart investment for keeping your spare in prime condition for your next trip.

Protects from UV Rays

UV radiation can quickly break down rubber, and a spare tire cover prevents the sun’s damaging rays from reaching it. This means your spare is protected from dry rot and a less than stellar appearance before you’ve even had the chance to use it.

These covers can be used on any car or truck that has a rear-mounted spare and typically come in two different styles: hard shells and soft covers. Hard covers are molded from plastic or stainless steel and tend to have latches or clasps to secure them in place, while soft covers are made from weatherproof materials and are easy to slide on and off the wheel.

The ADCO Spare Tire Guard is a rugged option that’s both UV-treated and cold-crack treated, making it resilient to harsh weather elements. It’s also a great fit for most vehicles and is available in a number of different sizes, ranging from 21.5 to 34 inches. It’s worth noting, however, that it is best to let the cover stretch and relax before trying to install it, as forcing it on has been known to result in ripping.

The cover weighs less than a pound and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, and it comes in either black or off-white to complement any color scheme. It’s also priced well, falling in the middle of the pack for this type of product.

Protects from Carbon Dark

Your spare tire is a vital component of your vehicle, and it should be protected at all times. It needs to be guarded from elements that can damage the rubber, such as extreme temperatures and UV rays. These can cause your tires to deteriorate quickly, reducing their usefulness and lifespan. A spare tire cover can protect your tires from these harmful components and extend their life.

The most important feature of a tire cover is that it should be waterproof. It should also be able to withstand a lot of weather conditions, including cold, hot, and rain. Additionally, it should be able to keep its shape and size.

You should look for a cover that has strong bungee type strings. These will hold up well in long stretches of chilly, wet, and sweltering weather. Also, they should be thick enough to keep the cover in place even when it’s windy.

You can find a wide range of spare tire covers at auto parts stores. Some have fun designs, while others camouflage your spare tire to deter theft. Many of them are designed for your specific vehicle, and some are made in the USA. They come in different sizes to fit most cars, trucks, SUVs, campers, and trailers. Some of them even have a drawstring to ensure a snug fit.

Protects from Theft

Spare tires tend to be a favored target for thieves. This is mostly because they’re often hidden behind the vehicle and the rim and tire themselves are free of curb rashes, pothole bends, stone hits, and corrosive salt damage.

This makes a spare tire cover an excellent way to deter theft by concealing the tire’s appearance. While it won’t stop a determined thief from taking your spare, it will make the job more difficult and time-consuming. This extra effort will cause many robbers to pass on the spare and look for another easier target instead.

The best hard spare tire covers will feature a latch that can be locked using keys to keep the cover in place. They are also usually made to fit snugly over a tire, which means that it would take a considerable amount of force and time to remove the cover. Cheaper models that hold the cover only by elastic can be removed much more easily, however.

In addition to protecting your spare tire from the elements, hard RV tire covers will also help keep it clean. As you drive, your spare will pick up dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris, which can stain and degrade the rubber if it’s not covered and protected. A simple spare tire cover will keep it clean and protected from the elements so that you can use it when needed.

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