Heat Pump Dehydrator – A Review

A heat pump dehydrator uses air energy to efficiently and effectively take off the moisture from foods. It is an eco-friendly and innovative drying machine that does not produce odors and other pollutants, which makes it suitable for various kinds of food materials. Compared with traditional drying methods, heat pump assisted drying has the following benefits:

It can improve product quality and reduce energy consumption. In addition, it can provide a more controllable environment for the dried products and help to maintain their physiochemical characteristics, particularly for delicate food materials such as herbs and vegetables. Furthermore, it can create modified atmospheres that would not be achievable by other drying methods, such as freeze drying, and can therefore help preserve the viability of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and their germination potential (Strumillo and Adamiec 1996).

Heat Pump Drying: A Review
The conventional drying process is a high-temperature process, which requires a large amount of energy to operate. Moreover, this energy is mostly wasted due to evaporation of water and other losses. Hence, it is necessary to develop an energy-efficient and effective drying technology in order to save the resources and the environment.

In recent years, there has been a lot of research on the use of heat pump dehydration technologies to achieve a low-temperature drying process with superior product quality and reduced energy utilization efficiency. Nevertheless, there are still some issues in the field of heat pump drying such as capital cost and operating costs of the system. heat pump dehydrator

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