How Do Norcold Refrigerators Work?

A Fridge is the heart of your RV kitchen, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Norcold refrigerators are among the most popular choices for both new RVs and replacement fridges, as they’re known for their quiet operation and energy efficiency. But how do they work? And what is the difference between a Norcold refrigerator and other types of fridges?

Norcold Refrigerators
Norcold is a leading manufacturer of RV gas/electric absorption refrigerators and has been producing them in Sidney, Ohio since 1959. The company was acquired in 1997 by Thetford Corporation, and today they are one of the best-known brands of RV refrigerators on the market.

Unlike typical household fridges, which use a compressor to cool, norcold refrigerators use propane and a bit of chemistry to absorb cold. The process uses liquid propane and a series of tanks filled with water and ammonia to create the chemical cycle that makes your fridge cold. This system works even in a mobile setting like an RV because of the steady source of heat generated by your engine and battery.

Norcold offers several different types of RV refrigerators, from small portable 12V DC fridges to residential-style fridges. Their smallest fridges are the compact 3-way models, which run on LP gas, 120V AC, or 12V DC power. These fridges look more like coolers than traditional RV fridges and are easy to move or store. Norcold also has a Polar series of energy-efficient RV refrigerators that operate solely on 12V DC power and feature features such as hidden hinges, recessed handles, and taller door panels. norcold refrigerators

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