How to Cast a Spell to Make Someone Obsessed With You

Spell to make someone obsessed with you is a powerful love ritual that uses the power of the moon and herbs to create strong feelings of attachment between two people. It is often used to attract a new partner or bring back an ex-partner, but it can also be cast to strengthen existing relationships. This love spell requires a clear goal and faith in the Universe to deliver what you want. It’s important to be open to receive the love you desire, and to let go of any resistance or negativity that might interfere with your process.

Obsession spells are a branch of white magic that involve a specific ritual to ignite passion, gain attention, and manipulate the energy surrounding a person. They can be done by any person who wishes to reignite the flames of their relationship, draw someone close, or gain their obsession. These spells often involve contacting spirits and using astrology to determine the best time and method for casting the spell.

Manifesting an obsessed lover can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. It’s important to focus on loving yourself, and to practice the 17 second rule (an affirmation technique I learned from spiritual leader Esther Hicks) — focusing on self-love for at least 17 seconds before thinking about what you desire. Creating surprises and unpredictability can also help to spark interest and obsession, so try giving your target small gifts or arranging a spontaneous trip. You can also flatter them about their unique qualities and feign emotionality to create intrigue.

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