How to Choose an Employee Communication App

Keep on-the-go employees in the know with mobile content. Personalized feeds and easy audience segmentation increase engagement. A comprehensive people directory lets them find colleagues with specific skills and expertise.

Build a fully-branded employee communication app with Yapp’s simple drag-and-drop editor – perfect for managers and team leaders without any design or development skills. Embedded instant messaging and a private in-app social feed bring teammates together.

Easy to use

When deciding on an employee communication app, look for one that is easy to use and distribute. This is especially important for a tool that will be used by employees in remote locations or those with limited data plans. The best employee apps offer a variety of distribution methods, including app stores, which are familiar to employees and will make it easier for them to access the platform.

Employees need to be able to find the information that is relevant to them. This is why the best internal communication apps allow for a highly personalized approach. Messages can be filtered by job role, location, and team to ensure that employees only get the messages they need.

Similarly, tools that enable crowdsourcing and collaboration help teams stay on the same page. Features like a detailed People directory, user-updatable Library, and instant-message Discussions keep everyone connected. In addition, auto-translation features make it easier to communicate with a multilingual workforce.

Easy to distribute

A well-designed app allows employees to interact with news and information in a familiar way. This minimizes the learning curve and boosts adoption rates. It should look and feel like consumer-facing software and be easy to use, especially for remote employees. Look for a mobile app with an intuitive user interface and a free trial or demo option.

Keeping employees up-to-date is crucial to productivity and business growth. Misunderstandings and resentment can easily arise when the team isn’t on the same page. Employee communication apps help reduce these problems by making it easier to share updates and communicate with colleagues across the organization.

For example, Chanty offers a powerful communications platform that includes channels for instant messaging and video and voice conferencing. It also lets teams collaborate on projects with internal and external associates. It can even be used to collect and analyze real-time feedback. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Chanty is a good choice for companies that need to deliver important updates quickly and to remote employees.

Personalized content experiences

Employee communications apps offer an incredible promise of personalization. However, they can deliver that only if employees check the tool frequently. Getting people to check the tool frequently is not easy. It requires a compelling reason to do so. This is why employee communications platforms must offer more than a single communication channel.

For example, the Firstup fully branded mobile app offers a streamlined and relevant experience for every employee. It also provides engagement insights for each person at every stage of the lifecycle. This helps leaders make better decisions and improve outcomes for their people.

Emails and chat tools serve their purposes well, but they cannot communicate news and updates at scale to all employees in a timely manner. In addition, these tools can be difficult to use in the field. Using an employee communication app allows your team to connect instantly and easily with colleagues. It also makes it easier for teams to access internal resources without leaving the comfort of their office.


As companies grow larger, employees need a tool to facilitate their work flow. A team communication app helps them streamline project management by facilitating discussions on current tasks, asking for instant feedback and more. It also enhances employee engagement, which leads to improved productivity.

Moreover, it also allows organizations to create a central repository of policies, procedures and documents that can be accessed anytime. Some solutions even have features that allow for surveys, access to processes (like vacation requests or time tracking) and live streaming of events like town halls.

With all of these benefits, an internal communication app can be a game changer for businesses. Get your teams off WhatsApp, iMessage or other consumer-grade messaging apps and onto a dedicated solution that delivers streamlined company content for a modern user experience. And it offers mission control and data sovereignty for secure team chats with optional integrations into company systems and SSO. Boost team collaboration with the ability to share files and calendars.

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