How to Create Beautiful Paper Quilling Art

Paper Quilling Art is an intriguing craft that allows you to roll, loop and twist small strips of paper into intricate designs. It can be a calming, relaxing activity that promotes mental wellbeing and improves fine motor skills.

While the skill level required to do this type of art may seem daunting, it is easy to pick up and master with practice. You can start with a simple project that gives you a sense of accomplishment or try your hand at creating a more complex design. Using precise, machine-cut paper for your first projects will help you achieve better results, but you can also experiment with self-cut papers as you become more comfortable with the technique.

Using different colors of quilling paper can add a vibrant and eye-catching touch to your design, or you can use graduated papers that begin with a solid color then fade into a lighter shade. Quilling has a long history, with some scholars believing it originated in Renaissance Europe when nuns would roll strips of gilded paper to imitate iron filigree decorations used on books and religious objects.

When you’re ready to glue your paper quilling, make sure to use a glue that is formulated for this type of art. You’ll want to use a tool such as a toothpick, paper piercing device or T-pin to apply the glue and to only dab a little bit on the tail of the paper (which will be your finished piece). Some quillers even add glitter to their designs for added sparkle! Paper Quilling Art

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