How to Find the Best German Lessons London

With 100 million speakers, German is a leading European language for business and culture. It’s also the most studied foreign language in Europe and is spoken, albeit in slightly differing dialect, in Germany (of course), Austria, Liechtenstein, parts of Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and some other countries too.

So, whether you’re an absolute beginner looking to take your first steps in German or you’re a seasoned polyglot and want to take your skills to the next level, tailor-made conversation classes with a private tutor are your best bet for getting fluent as quickly as possible. A private lesson allows you to stay on track with your learning goals, tackle grammar in-depth and work on those trickier pronunciations that are often overlooked by classroom-based courses.

The good news is that a lot of great teachers of German in London are registered on Superprof, making it easy to find a suitable instructor in your area. Browse their online profiles to discover their hourly rates, their location, a short biography, their accreditation, ratings and comments left by past students, their availability, their seniority on the platform and much more.

Once you’ve found a teacher, they’ll assess your level with a placement test and then assign you a class at the appropriate Common European Framework (CEF) level. This could be from A1.1 for complete beginners, right through to CEF Level B2+ for advanced learners who have a deep understanding of complex grammatical structures and a broad vocabulary. German lessons London

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