How to Get Into the Voice Over Business in the UK

When a video production requires more than just imagery to convey a message, it’s often necessary to use voice overs. A person will read the words to narrate or add context and can come from any age or experience. It’s important for the voice actor to read the script carefully and ensure they can pace themselves correctly. If they’re rushing through the text or speaking too fast, it may confuse viewers and make them lose interest. Similarly, if they’re reading too slowly, the viewer may miss key information.

The UK voice over industry is diverse and there are many different types of voices. Taking a voice acting course can help you gain confidence and learn the fundamentals of working with audio. Most courses will also offer you a professional demo reel at the end, which is a valuable asset for any aspiring voice over artist.

Those who are more experienced may prefer to look for a talent agency which will handle the booking and audition process for them. The best agencies will have a large network of talent and have worked with many different clients and genres. Some even have in-house studios and coaches to help the talent hone their skills.

Narration in films is another common type of voice over and can be used to set the scene, give instructions or introduce characters. Sir David Attenborough is a famous example of this type of voice over work, and his distinctive accent has become synonymous with the narration of natural history documentaries.

Another growing area for voice overs is in the field of explainers and corporate videos. These can be B2B or B2C, and can range from technical to more lighthearted in tone. These are a great way to promote a business and can help boost sales or brand awareness.

In the field of TV, voice over artists can be hired for commercials or to provide commentary during live events. They can also be used to narrate documentaries and dramas. A recognizable voice is an asset for this type of work, and some producers hire celebrity voice over actors to enhance their brand and increase the appeal of a video.

One of the more difficult types of voice over to do well is character work in video games. It’s essential for the voice over artist to understand the nuances of this specific genre so they can deliver the right tone and emotion. They should also be able to perform various vocal qualities such as excitable or somber.

Birmingham has a distinct working-class accent which is unique to the city and enables it to stand out in the media industry. This city is home to production houses including Aardman Animations, the company responsible for Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run and Shawn the Sheep, and is also a major hub for video game production.

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