How to Get the Best Hair Dryer For Your Hair Type

The hair dryer is a crucial tool for getting professional-level blowouts at home. But not all models are created equal. For the best results, you need a high-quality dryer with the right power, airflow, and attachments to suit your hair type. In addition, your hair dryer must be safe to use and durable enough to last for a long time. The safety features that are built into all hair dryers help prevent dangerous mishaps, such as overheating or even fires. GH Beauty Director April Franzino worked closely with Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab scientists and expert hairstylists to bring you this article that reports in-depth on all the latest research and shopping advice for the best hair dryer.

The outside of a hair dryer is made from plastics that are formed into a gun-shaped mold using injection molding, a process in which hot, molten plastic is injected into a stainless steel die. One half of the plastic shell has a series of holes molded into it, and the other has a matching set of short pins to help align the two halves during manufacturing and keep them securely attached.

Inside the body of a hair dryer is a small electric motor that spins a fan and heats up air as it moves over and through it. The warm air is then blown out the end of the barrel as a stream of hot air.

A hair dryer’s temperature settings are determined by changing the amount of current that runs through a part of the circuit that feeds the electric motor. Higher amounts of electricity produce warmer air, while lower amounts produce cooler air. hair dryer

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