How to Improve Your Conservatory Roof

The roof of your conservatory is a major factor in how you use your space. From light letting in to warmth and insulation, the type of conservatory roof you choose can significantly impact your day-to-day living.

Over time, many homeowners can experience problems with their conservatory roof such as leaks and condensation. These can be minor issues that are easily fixed but more frequent problems can be a sign that the material isn’t performing as well as it should.

To help improve your conservatory’s performance, there are a few things you can try. One way is to fit thermal blinds to your windows, which can be made to be specifically bespoke for your conservatory. This can help to keep the heat in your conservatory, whilst also helping to reduce glare and harmful UV rays entering your home.

Another option is to consider replacing your current roof with a new type. This can be a great way to transform your conservatory, with options such as glass or polycarbonate available. Glass roofs are known to be better insulators than polycarbonate, and they allow for a lot of natural light to enter your conservatory.

Polycarbonate is another popular solution, with some homeowners even opting for a polycarbonate roof with glass panels to create the perfect balance of natural light and heat. Polycarbonate is a good choice as it has been fire tested as a complete system, meaning that it meets UK regulations regarding the fire safety of your conservatory. conservatory roof

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