How to Increase Your YouTube Views

YouTube is an excellent tool for businesses to generate publicity and brand awareness. YouTube also provides a great platform for monetization with its partnership program. However, to earn money from your YouTube videos, it is vital to have a good number of views. The higher the views, the better chance you have of earning ad revenue. In order to increase your YouTube views, you should have a consistent posting schedule, a catchy title and thumbnail, and high-quality video content. The more engaging your video is, the more likely people will watch it.

A view on youtube is a viewer-initiated play that lasts 30 seconds or more. This does not include skips or replays. Repeat screenings are counted but only up to a certain point, which YouTube has not revealed. YouTube also excludes fake and ineligible views. This is done when their security system detects unusual behaviors. For instance, if you have a low average daily view count and all of a sudden your video gets a ton of views in one day, this is suspicious and is an indication that it might be a bot or someone buying views.

Another way YouTube flags suspicious views is by noticing when the same user watches your videos from different computers or in different locations. YouTube will freeze a video’s view count when it suspects a pattern of fraudulent activity and will not update it until they are confident the views are legitimate. However, during this period all the legitimate views are still counted. youtube views

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