How to Style a Bralette

The latest lingerie trend, bralette, is a simple, stretchy garment that replaces traditional undergarments. Its ribcage-hugging, pinch-free seams are the reason it made the “10 Most Comfortable Bras Ever” list. And when it comes to styling, there are no limits: One lace number can go with everything from a smocked dress to high-waisted trousers. Another can be worn as a crop top over a sundress or tank. Owners of lingerie stores say they sometimes sell bralettes to three generations in the same family.

“It’s not for everybody, but a lot of women are into it,” says Yolaida Duran, owner of Alla Prima Fine Lingerie in San Francisco. She says bralettes have become “a staple” for teens, a group that’s also discovering the benefits of this style. Lia Richter, a junior at Emma Willard School in Troy, N.Y., explains that she and her friends often base their outfits around the bralette they’re wearing. For example, a black version with showy straps may go with a narrow-shoulder top; a chartreuse bralette might be paired with an apricot tank.

Aside from being less clingy than T-shirt bras, which still account for over half of all sales in the United States, bralettes have some other key selling points:

Unlike molded bras, which can make your breasts look like tennis balls, a bralette offers a soft, gentle curve that’s emerging as a new style norm. Plus, with minimal padding and underwire, they’re an ideal choice for those who have sagging boobs or prefer a natural look. It’s no wonder that Zoe Kravitz and Bella Hadid are among the many celebs who have been spotted wearing bralettes this spring. bamboo bralette

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