Immersive German Lessons in London

Whether you are learning German for day-to-day activities or preparing for exams, you can find an immersive language class that fits your needs. Our picks include online courses, evening groups and even summer classes in Germany.

This ten-week course develops your speaking, reading and listening skills for everyday situations. It’s open to all levels of experience and is delivered by the Goethe-Institut London. Upon enrolling, you will take a placement test to determine the level that’s best for you.

DeutschAkademie’s lessons are fun and interactive and focus on different themes each term. They also provide students with a range of materials for each lesson, making each session feel fresh and unique.

In addition to classroom-based lessons, this group offers video and audio based homework and assignments that help improve fluency. Students are encouraged to make mistakes (as long as they learn from them) and practice German in real life contexts.

If you want to immerse yourself in German for a longer period of time, this school offers immersion programmes that include accommodation and a leisure programme. The programme focuses on a range of topics including culture, history and business.

This site provides learners with a library of podcasts and learning videos that revolve around real-life situations. Its content is sourced from native speakers and it consistently produces new content. This makes it our top choice for a resource that’s easy to use and fits into any lifestyle. German lessons London

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