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I have an aunt who refuses to move ahead with the times, and wants to do everything, by the book the way it was done in the 80’s. Despite me explaining to her about things such as internet banking, and paying your bills online, getting an insurance quote online or that she even shop online. She is still very sceptical about this whole virtual world, even though I have offered to do it for her.

The other day she asked me if I could call a few insurance companies to get a quote, for a life insurance product. I immediately saw the gap and told her that I could check on the internet, thinking that maybe this time she will budge- but no luck. My lovely aunt made me look up insurance companies in the yellow pages and call each one individually, repeating myself over and over again.

After calling the fourth insurance company and having to divulge all of her information and answer all of the same questions each time, I decided to get a quote online behind her back.

If you are like my aunt and are not sure how to go about getting an insurance quote, I am going to explain it to you, in plain simple English so that you can save yourself, energy and time and move with the times.

Whether you are looking for a household, home, car, health or life insurance, you can find it all at the click of a button. You find all types of insurance online no matter how strange the object you are looking to insure. This is how you go about getting an insurance quote.

Firstly; Once you have decided what type of quote you are looking to obtain- easy, you will need to enter this into which ever search engine you are using. An example of a search engine is Google or Yahoo.
The keywords in this case were ‘insurance quote’, but also remember to add the country in which you live, so that you will be brought only the relevant results. I prefer to do this even though the search can pick up where you are, it still gives irrelevant results sometimes.

Then you will be given a list of insurance companies from which you can obtain a quote. Or an even simpler way of doing this same process is to go to an insurance quote comparison site and type your details in once while they search for an insurance quote to suit your needs. In South Africa one of these comparison sites are called Hippo, and you can get a list of insurance quotes from them. Comparison sites make it so much easier to get an instant insurance quote, which is the usually the best price on the market.

So without many aunty knowing, I found the best quote for her, and gave the company a call to find out more details about the product. She was none the wiser and even commented that it did not take long at all! Oh if only she knew. Move with the times, and make your life easier by getting an online insurance quote today. local moving quotes

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