Kiddush Fountain

During a Shabbat or Holiday meal, wine (or grape juice) is traditionally poured from a large cup into smaller matching cups that are then passed around to all the guests. This is a beautiful ritual that binds the family together, but it can be difficult and messy to pass individual mugs – especially for large groups with children. In order to make this ritual easier and more hygienic, a special device called a kiddush fountain was created.

A gleaming silver Kiddush fountain is an elegant addition to any table and can add a touch of glamour to your observance of Shabbat or Jewish holidays. The set consists of a large cup that sits on top of an attractive stand with cunningly hidden pipes that pour the wine evenly into a circle of small matching cups below it. This is a great way to serve wine at home, and it also makes a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to elevate their Jewish observance.

While it is possible to buy a cheap silver kiddush cup that may last a few years, we recommend investing in a handmade Judaica item that will be a part of your family for generations to come. The best way to do this is by buying a high-quality kiddush cup from Israel, which will be crafted within walking distance of the Wailing Wall and create a connection with Jerusalem. The Jewish artisan who crafts the item will be able to pass on the tradition of using a handmade kiddush cup to future generations of your family.

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