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Law tutors are able to provide students with a level of academic support that they might not receive at university. They can provide help with essay writing and exam preparation. They can also offer advice on how to improve their study habits. This means that a student can have someone who is vested in their success from day one. They can provide support with a range of topics, such as criminal trespassing laws or civil procedure.

A tutor can be a fantastic resource for first-year law students, as they are often struggling to get to grips with the rigours of the course. A tutor can help them with their writing, reading and organisation. They can provide a student with tips on how to manage time and how to use an outline effectively.

Tutors are often available for homework assignments and revision as well. They can also provide students with practice questions, case studies and past papers. They can offer help with exam technique and the creation of personalised study plans for each individual student.

The cost of a law tutor can vary depending on their experience and how specialised they are. Those who are trained barristers or have extensive legal experience will be able to command higher rates, as will those with a stellar teaching record and a proven track record.

The team at Law Tutor Esquire have built a highly-qualified, dedicated and friendly team of tutors to cater for the needs of students. The service offers tutoring for all levels of the LLB, PGDL, CILEX and MA as well as legal writing services for students preparing for the Bar exam. Law Tutor

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