League of Legends Lecture

There is a lot to learn about the game of League of Legends: its diverse community; an ever-expanding roster of champions to master; an esports scene with some of the most massive crowds in the world. But for those dedicated to large skill growth or reaching a competitive level, there is another side to the game that not many people consider: the daily focus of Riot Games’ thousands of employees.

Before millions of players, billions in revenue, and esports tournaments with crowds that have topped 100 million spectators, League was more of an idea than a finished product. When the studio behind the title, Riot Games, was founded in 2004, the company had a design document, some prototypes, and a dream to create the next big thing in video gaming.

Like any challenging and complicated endeavor, League of Legends requires a step-by-step approach. The first step is to understand the fundamentals, from basic gameplay to how the game functions as a system. Taking this approach is how you will be able to achieve the primary objectives of the game, which are winning matches. Secondary objectives are the means to that end, but they aren’t necessarily crucial or even helpful in every match.

The best way to improve at League is through practice and repetition. Unfortunately, some players try to skip the basics and immediately jump into high-level play, wasting their time and energy on inefficient practices. This is the leading cause of players experiencing rank stagnation, and it is a major reason why players should prioritize the fundamentals above all else. 롤대리

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