Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets offer a range of colors and designs that can complement the style of any home. From soft neutrals to deep blues and earthy browns, there’s something for everyone. And that’s especially true for cabinet doors, which come in a variety of detailed profiles.

For example, a fluted look can add visual interest to modern cabinets without being too busy. In this kitchen, the look is used on upper cabinets only and paired with black hardware and light wood countertops. A white subway tile backsplash ties everything together.

Some homeowners also use open shelving to showcase their favorite dishes and cookware. And even if they choose to go with solid-front cabinets, they can still infuse them with modern style by using bold accent pieces like patterned tiles or striking hardware.

Cabinets can also be built with special functions to make life easier in the kitchen. This includes things like sink cabinets with u-shaped drawers around the drain and waste cabinets with sophisticated sorting systems. Or you can opt for a corner solution, such as MagicCorner or LeMans corner base units that move on a revolving mechanism to allow easy access to pots and pans.

For a more minimalist look, many homeowners opt for modern kitchen cabinets in natural wood finishes. This is a beautiful, organic material that will not date as quickly as painted cabinets. Another popular option is high gloss thermofoil (HGT). HGT has a vinyl coating over a base material like MDF that can be colored to create the desired aesthetic and resists damage more than wood. modern kitchen cabinets

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