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A personal my ביטוח לאומי אזור אישי account offers personalized tools to help you get what you need. It lets you request a replacement Social Security card, get instant benefit verification letters, and much more!

Social security is a system set up by law that attributes certain rights and imposes certain obligations on a public, semipublic, or autonomous agency. It is the main source of income for many people at retirement age.


If you’re disabled and have little or no income, SSA can provide cash benefits. They may also pay a health insurance subsidy. You may be able to apply online, by telephone, or at your local Social Security office. It’s generally better to have an individual assist you with your application. They can help you understand the application process, give you a face-to-face interview, and explain what happens during a disability review.

SSDI is an earned benefit for people who have paid Social Security taxes and worked long enough to qualify. It pays benefits to people who are blind or age 65 and over, and to the spouses and children of eligible workers. It can also pay benefits to people who have a severe disabling condition that makes them unable to work, if they meet the financial requirements.

SSI is a need-based program that pays out monthly based on your past earnings and current income. It looks at your countable income — including all sources of money like paychecks, investments and inheritances — and the value of your assets (resources) to determine eligibility. Generally, your countable income must be less than $735 per month and your accountable resources (savings and other assets you own) should be no more than $2,000. Some big exceptions include your home and one car, but everything else counts — even the value of your TV and stereo.

My Social Security

The my Social Security website is SSA’s free, secure online benefit portal. It provides personalized tools for everyone, whether you receive benefits or not. You can use it to check your statement, change your address, verify earnings, estimate future benefits and manage direct deposit.

You can also get instant proof of benefits online via your my Social Security account. This letter is often called a “budget letter,” “benefits letter” or “proof of income.” To obtain the letter, you will need to provide basic personal information and answers to questions that only you would know (for security reasons).

If you have received SSDI or SSI benefits in the past, my Social Security lets you check the status of your claim or request a replacement card. You can also see if your family members are receiving benefits or even apply for benefits online.

You can also learn more about Social Security and its programs by reading our fact sheets. You can even find out how to contact us about changes in your life, such as a move or the death of a loved one. If you need to change your address, you can do it online with my Social Security, or you can call or visit a local office. You can also check out our Service Around the World page for contact information if you live outside the United States.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is one of the most convenient ways to receive your paycheck and benefits payments. When you sign up for direct deposit, your paycheck or payment is sent electronically to your financial institution for deposit instead of mailed to you as a physical check. Most employers offer the option of signing up for direct deposit for payroll checks and some government agencies also offer this option. To get started, visit your employer’s website or contact your human resources department to obtain the necessary forms. You will need to provide the organization with your banking information including your bank account number, the ABA routing number (the first set of numbers printed on the bottom left of your checks) and your bank name.

A major benefit of direct deposit is greater security. Unlike a paper check, an electronic payment cannot be lost or stolen. Additionally, there is no risk of the pay stub or deposit slip being compromised as all information is transmitted digitally between banks using encryption.

Another great feature of direct deposit is that you can choose to have a portion of your payment transferred into a savings or other type of account, making it easy to save for the future. In addition, many financial institutions will waive the checking account fees for customers who have direct deposit.

Identity Services Provider

An identity services provider is a third-party company that verifies digital identities. It is a cloud-based service that works through single sign-on providers to authenticate end users. It also offers security features, such as facial recognition and NFC chip reading. These services are used by government agencies, private companies, and individuals. They are a great way to save time and money by eliminating the need for employers or landlords to carry out their own checks. These IDSPs will provide the results of their verifications to a website or portal that is then visible to employers and landlords. The result of a verification will include the name and contact details of the person. The service will also include a report that includes whether the person has any criminal records or is not a UK national.

This will allow users to avoid having to use multiple passwords and reduce the risk of them becoming victims of theft or fraud. In addition, it allows them to save time by avoiding the need to log in several times. The more times users have to enter their credentials, the greater the risk that they will forget them or write them down and make them vulnerable to hackers.

Identity as a service (IDaaS) provides the infrastructure for managing user identities and is a critical component of an identity trust framework or federation. An IdP uses its federation protocol or SAML to transfer authentication information and to verify the user’s identity to an SP, which in turn grants the user access to a resource.

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