Real Estate CRM and Marketing Features

Real estate agents have to be everywhere at the same time: negotiating with clients, meeting up with prospects and property showings, answering emails or social media messages, attending events and advertising their services. Using a real estate crm and marketing features helps them do all that without getting their hands tied in spreadsheets, multiple tabs and files, or having to switch between tools in order to extract data.

CRMs allow you to capture and manage real estate leads in a streamlined way so you can convert them more often. They store comprehensive information on each client’s preferences, property requirements and communication history. These details allow you to tailor your follow-ups and property searches according to each client’s profile, ensuring that they receive the best service possible.

A good CRM for real estate also allows you to set up automated tasks, reminders and notifications for follow-ups, property showings, contract renewals or any other important activities. This helps you stay on top of things, reduces the chances of missing a deadline or an appointment and ensures that no opportunities slip through the cracks.

Real estate CRM software like Wise Agent allows you to track your team’s progress, assign tasks and comments to leads, create email campaigns and schedule meetings all in one place. It’s built by real estate professionals and offers a free trial and two subscription levels: Go (ideal for smaller teams) and Salesforce edition (suitable for larger teams). It also integrates with the major MLS services and provides campaign benchmarking and website analytics. real estate crm and marketing features

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