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Fenbendazole is an anthelmintic of the broad-spectrum benzimidazole carbamate family. It is also a dewormer and has been in use for over six decades. It is used to treat parasitic worm infections, and is effective in both humans and animals. Fenbendazole works by binding to and disrupting the tubulin microtubule equilibrium in parasites. This results in a reduction of the number of microtubules and their stabilization and growth. In addition, fenbendazole can cause cell death by preventing cancer cells from processing sugar, which is essential for survival. It also boosts a healthy gene called p53, which is thought to kill cancer cells by inhibiting their ability to replicate.

Sanare lab fenbendazole is available as dry powder and is easily mixed with a beverage, or added to food. It can be taken alone or with other supplements like curcumin and Vitamin E, which are also known to increase healthy p53 levels. It is also recommended to take this with a probiotic like acidophilus, which helps to keep your stomach in balance.

At our institution, a fenbendazole diet was used to treat rodent pinworm infections (Aspiculuris tetraptera). During the 8-wk facility treatment, human lymphoma xenografts did not grow in C.B-17/Icr-Prkdcscid/Crl (SCID) mice in the established graft model, which typically yields 80% to 100% successful tumor growth within 21 d. We compared the effects of a commercially available irradiated control diet, a fenbendazole-supplemented diet, and a fenbendazole-supplemented supplemented with vitamins on the growth of these xenografts. Both the fenbendazole-supplemented and the vitamins-only diets suppressed tumor growth in the mice. However, neither the fenbendazole-supplemented nor the vitamins-only diets altered the radiation dose–response curves of aerobic or hypoxic EMT6 cells. sanare lab fenbendazole

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