Spider Man Miles Morales Costume For Adult

There is a special kind of thrill that comes with dressing up as your favorite superhero. Whether you are gearing up for a comic convention or just want to scale your living room wall, the Spider man Miles morales costume for adult is perfect for letting your inner hero out.

Miles is a teenager from an alternate version of New York City who goes to Horizon STEM School with classmates Anya Corazon and Gwen Stacy. He is a huge fan of Peter Parker and hopes to meet him someday. When he does, he finds that Peter is dead but is bitten by a genetically engineered spider that grants him Spider-Man powers.

Upon discovering his new abilities, Miles realizes that he isn’t the only one with these skills. The mysterious Spider-Man of Earth-616 appears and tells Miles that he isn’t alone in the multiverse. He also gives Miles his own version of the Spider suit, which has a black-and-red color scheme, a different design on the chest, and red accents.

Miles initially tries to hide his identity but eventually decides to tell Katie Bishop, his girlfriend. Against Ganke’s advice, Miles then patrols the streets and takes down two criminals wearing variations of the classic Spider suit.

This Spider man Miles morales costume for adults features a skin-tight black and red bodysuit with printed details to make you look the part of the young Afro Latino superhero. The included hood and mask help you complete the look. Wear this bold and eye-catching costume to any Halloween party or comic convention. You can even pair it with web shooters and a backpack to make the look more authentic.

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