S’pore Gave Momentum to World, Esp. Asia – PM Lee

The Singaporean horizon is expanding and at the present growth rate,S’pore Gave Momentum to World, Esp. Asia – PM Lee Articles glowing prospects vest for not only Asia but world, taken collectively.  This was among the few concepts expounded by PM Lee, who was attending the inaugural event of South Asian Diaspora Convention (SADC) held on 12-13 July, 2011, at Resort World Sentosa. The event was graced by as many as 600 people among which were many elite leaders of Singapore, corporate giants, Mr. Gopinath Pillai (Chairman SADC) and many other prominent members of the SADC.
The base idea of SADC convention was to merger trade ties, strengthen South Asian links, mutual growth and enhance trade. Citing Singapore to be perfect ground for the same, PM Lee said “We are business-friendly, with a good legal system, with a transparent business environment, and prevalent use of English throughout our society as a working language.” Along with this he said that Singapore was more than happy to see these ties with Asia grow and will continue to make an effort to shape them more sturdy.
Singapore has been a much vied place not only to start a new business venture, but also to make this land your new homeland which came out quite clear as Mr. Lee said “We are also attractive to families as a safe place to live where you can get good schools and healthcare, and not too far from the home of origin and perhaps, family back home.”
Few pointers like the following enhance things further for Singapore;
1) Geographical accessibility of Singapore from the major Asian countries and the globe
2) Tracing the ancestral trails by the Singaporean with their original homeland act as binders for Singapore to fix these ties.
3) Again, the South Asian Diaspora redeems the intermingling of language, traditions and customary practice, sieving profitably for Singapore.
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