The Importance of Having a Drunk Driving Lawyer on Your Side

A drunk driving conviction can have a significant impact on your life, including jail time, fines, license suspension and increases to insurance rates. It is important to have an experienced drunk driving lawyer on your side to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

Police officers can stop you and administer a breath or blood test to determine your BAC (blood alcohol content). The law states that you have the right to refuse the test, but it may result in an automatic DMV driver’s license suspension. A skilled DWI attorney can help you request a hearing to avoid this consequence.

Many factors can give an officer probable cause to pull you over and conduct a DUI investigation, including the smell of alcoholic beverages, slurred speech and red eyes. Your attorney will evaluate the evidence in your case and look for flaws in the procedure or the results of any field sobriety tests you were subject to.

If you are a first-time offender, a conviction of DUI / DWI with injury can be reduced to a misdemeanor. An experienced DUI defense attorney can use his or her knowledge of the prosecutors to negotiate a reduction.

The New York-based firm of Cohen Forman Barone, LLP defends individuals in New York who are facing DUI charges. They build effective legal defenses to prevent license suspensions, fines and jail time. The team also fights to have evidence thrown out, such as inaccurate breathalyzer and blood tests.

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