The Sport Jacket – The Work-And-Play Staple Every Man Needs

A sport jacket opens up a whole new staging post in the male wardrobe, providing the perfect option when a full suit is too formal and a blazer is too casual. It’s the work-and-play staple every man needs to master.

Sports jackets are traditionally made in textured fabrics such as herringbone, tweed, or camel hair, and typically come in browns, tans, dark grays, and light blues. They can also be found in patterned fabrics such as plaids and checks. These textured fabrics give the sports coat its rustic charm and allow it to pair well with jeans or other casual trousers such as corduroy or moleskin.

Traditionally, the sports coat was meant to be more rugged than a suit or blazer and to provide the gentleman with an outfit suitable for outdoor adventures like hunting or shooting. This accounts for its sturdier fabrics, looser fit, and design details such as elbow patches and pleats that originally served a functional purpose in the pursuit of game.

The classic two-button single-breasted sports jacket is ideal for pairing with jeans or other casual trousers to achieve a polished yet laid-back look. Try to avoid matching your trousers with the jacket, especially if they’re of the same fabric, as this creates a very uniform appearance that screams “matching suit.” Instead, pair your sports jacket with a dark pair of blue jeans or pants in a different material to keep the look balanced and stylish. Sport jacket

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