Using Animation to Communicate Your Message

Animation is a powerful communication tool that can add life, movement and emotion to your design. From animated explainer videos to motion graphics, animation can be used in many ways to communicate your message in a creative and memorable way.

Animated content has infiltrated internet culture, with popular memes and viral videos often using animation to convey humor and creativity. It is also used by businesses to explain complex products or services in a fun, easy to understand way. Animation can even be used in website designs as a way to mitigate loading times and the risk of users bouncing off of a page. Loading page animations can also help to add a sense of personality or humor to your brand and make people remember your site.

Although it might seem like animation only began as a multi-billion dollar industry when Pixar started making movies with CGI characters, it actually dates back hundreds of years. Early cave paintings depict hunting in action and animators have been experimenting with ways to create the illusion of motion for centuries. The zoetrope, invented in the 19th century, was an innovative device that utilized persistence of vision to present a series of still images that appeared to be moving. Emile Reynaud then created the praxinoscope, which used mirrors to transmit a series of drawings on a rotating disc that could be seen by a theater audience.

Today, computer-aided animation allows visual storytellers to create scenes and characters that would have been impossible with traditional methods. The latest advancements in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are opening up new possibilities for immersive and interactive animation experiences.  animation

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