Vintage Persian Rugs

When it comes to antique rugs, few art forms can boast such a deep and rich cultural tradition as those that originated in Persia. The designs that are woven into the fabric of these works of art represent the aesthetic and cultural ideals of an entire nation. And, despite their relatively modest cost, these hand made masterpieces are considered priceless heirlooms and highly sought after as investments.

As a result, these works of art are becoming increasingly rare. As such, if you are in the market to purchase one of these works of art, it is important to understand the history behind them.

Traditionally, a rug was designed by the weaver as a way of communicating their family’s heritage and identity to future generations. Weavers would work in tandem with other members of their tribe or community to create intricate and beautiful woven works of art. This process could take months and sometimes years to complete depending on the size and complexity of the carpet. It is because of this labor intensive process that Persian rugs are able to incorporate such a vast range of motifs, colors, materials and weave techniques that are unique to specific regions.

The Persian rug’s ability to transport its viewer to far flung places and times has been a key reason for its enduring popularity. From the earliest of works to the most contemporary, these carpets are truly remarkable in their capacity to capture the essence of a nation’s history and culture.

Historically, these rugs were passed down through generations of nomads, clerics and kings. These heirlooms represented the artistic and cultural ideals of a nation, which is why so many people sought them out as investments. Today, these works of art are cherished by individuals worldwide because they are priceless heirlooms and symbolize the preservation of an ancient craft.

LEVEL 3-CONNOISSEUR CALIBER: These rugs are incredibly rare and highly sought after. They typically display the design fluidity, color nuance and artistic virtuosity of a time seasoned artist. They are also one of a kind antique pieces that showcase a timeless style that is instantly recognized around the world.

Level 3 high-collectible rugs are woven by master weavers in prestigious Persian cities and towns such as Tabriz, Heriz, Sultanabad and Laver Kirman. This is a highly desirable group of antique rugs that are extremely rare due to their limited availability.

Generally, these rugs are very large and contain hundreds of thousands of knots. They are also made with the finest of materials. They are often highly ornate and feature a wide array of motifs, including florals, animals, humans and mythological beings.

These works of art were woven by master weavers using traditional sizing and color dyes. They may have been created for a particular person or as gifts. They are usually adorned with figures and symbols that were believed to protect the owner from evil and misfortune. In addition, these rugs are woven with a specific technique known as the ‘vase technique’. They are usually decorated with motifs that depict gardens and water channels. vintage persian rugs

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