Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers

Water soluble bag manufacturers make products that dissolve in water, such as bags for laundry or food. This type of packaging is gaining popularity, as it has advantages over traditional plastic bags and can be used for items that are likely to come into contact with water. One advantage is that it prevents odors, such as from wet clothing or food. Another benefit is that it can be made of recycled materials, which can reduce waste and environmental impact. This is especially important when the item will be in direct contact with the environment.

Typical water soluble bags contain 2.75 mils of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) material. This material degrades in hot water at 149 degrees Fahrenheit. They are a great option for reducing the use of single-use plastic garment bags, and are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. They can also be sealed and re-sealed after use, which allows for inspection of the contents of the bag.

Manufacturer of a line of specialty polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) water-soluble bags for food, textiles & commercial goods packaging applications. Products are available in a variety of size, thickness & closure options. Features include resealable dispensers, moisture & dampness resistance & cold water soluble pink tie tapes. Also provides custom design & manufacture services for industrial, retail & food service industries.

The water soluble film of the present invention may be produced by bonding strips of a cold water soluble plastic film to strips of a hot water soluble plastic film. This composite uniplanar film can be used to manufacture a bag for holding wet laundry. In particular, a infection-proof hospital laundry bag is produced wherein the cold water soluble strip 2 remains out of contact with wet laundry inside the bag. This avoids contamination of the wet laundry with bacteria from the soiled hospital bed linens.

Another application of this novel water-soluble film is in the production of sanitary pads that can be flushed down a toilet and then disposed of in a conventional manner. This technology eliminates the need for a separate disposal system and can be used in areas that do not have facilities to handle soiled sanitary waste. Despite this, it is still a new, single-use product and therefore cannot be considered as a replacement for disposable sanitary towels. It is not clear how it could fit into the concept of a circular economy, since the end-of-life of such a product involves either dissolution in hot water or industrial composting. However, this is not necessarily a problem as other forms of disposable, single-use plastics can also be destroyed in these same ways. water soluble bag manufacturers

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