Water Soluble Film Supplier

Water Soluble Film Supplier provides you with a range of non-toxic, biodegradable and fully recyclable packaging solutions. Our films are supplied on reels slit to your required width, or pre-formed as bags. Film thickness can be from 30um – 80 um and can be produced in cold, warm and hot water-soluble options. Our products can be used for packaging of a wide range of applications, from food & personal care to industrial goods and textile yarns. Our water soluble film is also ideal for use in launderette and detergent packs, as it can be dissolved quickly in the washing machine, reducing plastic waste.

The global water soluble film market is segmented on the basis of dissolution rate, end-use industry, and region. Fast soluble films are expected to dominate the market during the forecast period. The increase in urbanization levels and rising trend of nuclear families are driving the demand for small or unit dose packs of household items, which is catalyzing the growth of the market. The market is also driven by the increased adoption of eco-friendly packaging materials.

Moreover, the increasing need to protect industrial workers from coming in direct contact with chemical powders is fuelling the market. The ability of water soluble film to offer excellent chemical resistance makes it an ideal choice for the packaging of powdered chemicals.

The water soluble film manufacturing process is complex and involves several stages such as resin mixture preparation, heating & melting, extrusion, and others. High production cost is likely to limit the market growth during the forecast period. Water Soluble Film Supplier

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