What Are Air Guns?

Any gun that uses compressed gas to propel a projectile without burning a powder is referred to as an air gun. Modern air guns use many different power sources. Some use a spring that is compressed by cocking and then released to fire the pellet, while others use an inert gas like nitrogen (sometimes referred to as a gas piston, nitro piston, or gas ram) that is held in a pressurised cylinder and when cocked, it pushes forward and compresses air behind the projectile which then fires it.

PCP air rifles are the most common and have become a popular choice for hunters because they require less maintenance than BB guns. The power of these guns is limited by the amount of pressure that can be stored in the cylinder, which reduces over time. To restore optimum firing capability, the gun must be refilled with new air.

This is especially important with high powered air rifles as it is impossible to produce sufficient muzzle energy with a small pellet to get the maximum accuracy from these rifles. Therefore, you will find that a very high number of sloppily shot pellets are fired when shooting these types of rifles.

The best way to reduce the amount of wasted pellets is to invest in a reloading kit. This includes a tube of high-quality pellets and a set of tools that allow you to load the pellets into your rifle. The best pellets are made from copper alloy which provides a very consistent and reliable performance. air guns

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