What Cloud Utility Management Can Do For Your Business

Cloud utility management is a way to provide IT resources to your business as needed. It’s a popular IT provisioning model that is used by many businesses to reduce internal IT costs and free up resources for other important tasks. It also allows you to scale up your infrastructure without having to worry about ongoing operational costs hindering your business growth.

With a cloud-based Customer Information System (CIS), you can avoid common pitfalls experienced with legacy on-premise systems and implement a modern communications solution faster and with greater ease. Working with an experienced CCM vendor can help mitigate the risks of a new software implementation and ensure your team has a support partner to call on when you need it most.

An important part of any cloud strategy is ensuring that you have a right-sized infrastructure that matches your actual workload capacity to your available resources. Overprovisioning can lead to waste and underprovisioning may cause application lag or performance issues. The goal of rightsizing is to match instance sizes and types to your workload capacity and performance requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible.

It’s critical to have a full backup and disaster recovery strategy in place for your cloud applications. Utility Cloud provides 15-minute transactional backups and daily full backups that are marshaled offsite to redundant storage facilities. Additionally, Utility Cloud maintains redundant and recovery servers that can be launched at a moment’s notice to protect against any failures or outages. cloud utility management

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