What Is a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is a phone answering service that enables your business to have more time to focus on strategy, sales and growth. The best services offer a range of features including answering calls, providing callers with information about your company and products, scheduling appointments, and handling customer inquiries.

The person who answers your business’s phone sets the tone for every interaction. A top virtual receptionist will ensure that every caller is met with the professional attitude and level of service your business strives to deliver. Virtual receptionists will help you project a more polished image while saving your staff time and money.

Callers may have a variety of questions and requests, from requesting your business hours to asking about the benefits of your product. A top virtual receptionist will have a script that outlines the most common questions and answers, ensuring your callers receive prompt and accurate information.

If a caller needs to be transferred to an employee, a virtual receptionist will handle the transfer with professionalism. They can also provide helpful context to the employee, such as describing the nature of the call or what type of assistance is needed.

Some virtual receptionists are available to answer calls even after your office has closed. This option is particularly useful for businesses with high peaks of calls or seasonal fluctuations. Typically, these services will allow you to select the hours you’d like your receptionists to be available and give you the option of adding additional coverage during busy times.

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