What is Quantum Energy Healing?

The body has an energy system that is a vital part of the physical, mental and emotional well being. When a person feels imbalanced or sick, it is because this energy system is unbalanced. This can be caused by traumatic experiences in life or from stress, illness or injury. Quantum energy healing helps the body balance and heal itself.

The theory behind quantum energy healing is that we are connected to the universe through the energy of quantum particles. These particles interact with each other no matter how far apart they are. It is also believed that our consciousness interacts with this energy. The idea of quantum energy healing is that we can promote health through conscious interaction with the energy of our being and the universe.

Unlike traditional medical practices which focus on the body’s organs, cells and tissues, quantum energy healing works with the energy of the entire being. This includes the mind, emotions and spirit. It also recognizes that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. Quantum energy healing can help to shift the negative beliefs and thought patterns that create illness, disease and pain in our lives.

A major component of quantum energy healing is muscle testing which identifies areas of the body that are causing imbalance. The QE practitioner will then work to clear and release any blockages affecting the body’s energies. These techniques can be used in conjunction with other methods such as guided imagery, Reiki (hands free energy transfer from a practitioner) or sound bowel therapy which infuses vibrations into the body.

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