YouTube Premium – Is it Worth the Money?

In the crowded world of subscription services, it can be hard to figure out whether a particular platform or service is worth your money. With the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Spotify and Apple Music competing for attention — and your wallet — it can be tough to know which one is best for you.

YouTube Premium (previously YouTube Red) is a video streaming service that offers ad-free viewing on the platform and gives subscribers access to exclusive features. It also comes with YouTube Music, a separate music streaming service that allows users to download videos for offline viewing and play them in the background without consuming data, as well as create and edit playlists.

A YouTube Premium subscription grants users access to exclusive content, including original series from creators like Lilly Singh and Rooster Teeth. It also enables users to watch YouTube Originals ad-free, something that non-subscribers are still able to do with ads, although the ad-free experience is only available on the mobile app.

Subscribers can save videos for offline viewing on the mobile app, a handy feature for anyone with an unlimited data plan or who commutes to work on routes that don’t offer cell reception. They can also stream videos in the background, or use picture-in-picture for mobile on devices that support it. In addition, they can listen to ad-free audio on the mobile app and have a better music listening experience through the feature’s audio-only mode. يوتيوب بريميوم

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