3 Tips for Finding the Best Vintage Rugs Online

A vintage rug is a design staple that can instantly elevate a space. They add a splash of color, a sense of history, and often have interesting textures and patterns that can coordinate well with most styles of decor. The challenge with vintage rugs, however, is finding one that fits your budget and style. Luckily, you don’t have to spend tons of money to score the perfect rug—you can actually find some incredible finds without even leaving your couch!

As you start to browse the web, keep these three key tips in mind to help you land the vintage rug of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for an Oriental rug (which is just the umbrella term for any knotted-pile carpet from North Africa, the Middle East or Central Asia), a Turkish kilim or a Persian silk, there are plenty of online marketplaces that carry a wide selection of vintage rugs. Some of these sellers are experts in the field, while others specialize in specific types of rugs.

1stDibs opened in 2000 with the goal of creating the feel of a Parisian flea market online. The site has a huge selection of unique pieces and features an expert team that vets sellers, meaning you can shop with confidence.

Another online marketplace to keep an eye on is One Kings Lane, which features a large assortment of one-of-a-kind finds. The site’s expert curators scour the world to curate a collection that spans multiple continents and eras, from dreamy Amritsar and Agra rugs to luscious oushaks and kilims from Turkey and sublime Samarkand khotans.

While you’re shopping, don’t be afraid to ask a seller about the condition of a rug. A few imperfections are okay but you should avoid a rug that has major holes, permanent stains or other damage that would be costly to repair.

There are also some retailers, like Revival Rugs, that have an extensive cleaning and restoration process in place to ensure the rug they sell is safe for modern homes. The process includes shearing the rug, washing it and laying it out in the sun to achieve mellow colors without any chemical processing. This is a great option for families with children or pets who want to enjoy the look of a vintage rug while still keeping it in good shape for generations to come.

Of course, you can also score a vintage rug at your local flea market, estate sale or designer store. Just make sure to keep these tips in mind, and trust your eye (and the heart) as you search for that perfect one-of-a-kind piece. vintage turkish rugs

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