A Career in Voice Acting

If you’ve ever dreamed of doing a voice over, if you spend your time mimicking teachers or creating voices for use at the dinner table then you may have the skills to be a voice actor. Many professionals who work in this industry have experience in non-voice acting, such as theater and film, but want to hone their performance abilities by working on projects that involve a microphone and a script.

The advent of new technologies has facilitated the development of voice overs for commercials, movies, video games and even phone calls. Companies that have customer service representatives speaking over the telephone for scripted answers were able to replace the live person with a pre-recorded voice and as technology continued to evolve, the demand for voice actors grew to meet the need for high quality audio.

A career in voice acting requires a lot of practice to hone and develop the necessary skills. A voice over artist can spend hours reading out loud or listening to others perform to gain a sense of what they are doing and how the voice should sound. They can also take the time to ‘work out’ their voice by applying different techniques to their tone, reverberation and pitch on a daily basis.

Professional voice actors need to understand that they are equal parts artist and entrepreneur. They are asking businesses to trust them and pay them money for their services, so it is important that they conduct themselves professionally. They need to understand the ‘business side’ of their business, which includes marketing themselves, building a referral network and managing their profit and loss and accounting. career in Voice Acting

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