Boiling and Chilled Water Tap

Boiling and chilled filtered water taps deliver immediate, fresh boiling water and chilled filtered drinking water for your home or workplace. Unlike conventional kettles, these innovative on-demand taps are designed to be installed on your kitchen bench so they save space in your sink cabinet and can also help to cut out the use of plastic bottles.

They’re ideal for busy households, allowing you to make a cup of tea or coffee or fill up your water bottle quickly and easily at the touch of a button. A built-in child safety spring lock means these taps are perfect for families and can be used with a variety of different filters to provide different types of water at the touch of a button, including hot, ambient and sparkling water.

The best instant boiling and chilled taps are simple to install, easy to operate and come with a range of convenient features such as push-lever safety locking for children, filter selection buttons and LED lights that illuminate when in boiling or chilled mode. These taps can even dispense a mixture of near-boiling and cold water initially to help get the supply up to temperature when you turn on your tap.

They’re also great for the environment as they eliminate the need for kettles and can reduce your electricity usage, saving energy and money (a Quooker tank uses only 9p a day to run). They’re available in various sizes and can be further enhanced by an optional underbench chiller for crisp, refreshing chilled and sparkling water.

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