Celebrity Bodyguards Go Above and Beyond Their Duties

Celebrities are surrounded by all kinds of people who want to harm them, from stalkers and psychotic fans to paparazzi and scheming ex-partners. Most celebrities never go out without a bodyguard and these men and women take their job very seriously. From time to time, these protectors also manage to go the extra mile and make us laugh out loud! Bright Side gathered some of the most hilarious examples of celebrity bodyguards who went above and beyond their duties.

A professional celebrity protection officer (CPO) has a lot to keep track of, so it is no surprise that he/she doesn’t have much spare time. That is why they have to be very attentive to all details – from turning on the car 10 minutes before the client arrives to making sure the temperature is comfortable for them to open the door.

Besides being adept in hand-to-hand combat, celebrities also demand that their bodyguards be physically attractive and have a good physique. This plays a role in deterring potential threats and enables the bodyguard to fight back effectively, if needed. However, the main requirement is a high level of mental strength. Celebrity bodyguards must be able to assess risks, make split-second decisions in the heat of the moment and keep their cool under pressure, even if they are around a notoriously difficult client.

A former Dutch policeman, Peter Van der Veen, is a master of Judo and protects many famous female celebrities. This blue-eyed handsome guy looks like a sibling of Jason Statham and Bruce Willis. Joseph Daher

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